What makes you come alive?

Live A Lot is here to share nourishing chocolate, a loving community, and resources to support you as you harness your optimal super hero potential.

We are two sisters on our own (sometimes similar, often drastically different) journeys to aligning with our truest self. But mostly eating a ton of good-for-you chocolate.

Aside from delicious unroasted cacao bars, you can also expect to find all sorts of tips and events about other stuff that fills us up - movement, mindfulness, food, dance, adventure, and other magic.

Let's get together for a chocolate party!

Meet Giovanna

Co-Founder and Chocolate Alchemist

I love food and all things holistic health. I have a background in nutritional sciences, but it was through my holistic chef training that I truly understood the concept of food as medicine.

I drastically changed my lifestyle when I became fed up with being depressed and feeling stuck in my old patterns of food deprivation and binge eating/drinking, which were fogging my confidence and self-worth. I saw a clear connection between food and emotions, and found a balanced relationship with food and myself. 

Being a chocolate lover my whole life (and eating it every single day!), I decided I no longer wanted to consume any chocolate on the market due to the massive amount of refined, inflammatory, and artificial ingredients in all the products I found. I took it upon myself to create a chocolate bar that not only contains nourishing ingredients but also tastes amazing!

Learning how to make chocolate was an exciting project of its own, and discovering the incredible health benefits of raw cacao was mind blowing. I'm on a mission to share these chocolate bars for others to experience the depth of raw cacao.

Meet Regina

Co-Founder and Chocolate Operations

I love to ride bikes and yellow is my favorite color. I'm a photographer focused on capturing Badass Women and I also lead yoga classes for adults and youth (Will travel).

A few years ago I committed to a serious relationship with myself (woooo!! You do you, baby boo). I shed a bunch of old patterns and began to actually listen to my body and MOVE it. I'm mind blown by the way it all works physically and energetically.

As I transformed my health, Giovanna taught me a lot of what I know about fueling with the proper nutrients. When she spent 6+ months crafting the most delicious and smart chocolate recipe, I declared myself her official taste tester. Once I realized she actually created the best chocolate bar I've ever had, I was determined to help her share it with the world. 

Here we are, world. Have some chocolate, stay a while :)