How To Make Kurobuta Pork Sausage?

Kurobuta Pork Sausage

Pork sausage is a delicacy that is enjoyed worldwide, and over time different variations have become a worldwide favorite. Kurobuta pork sausage is one such variation that originates from Berkshire bred black pigs, also called “Kurobuta” in Japanese. It has been in existence for around 200 years and has firm roots in Japan as they were exported from that place, Berkshire. 

In this article, we will be looking at why Kurobuta pork is such a favourite for pork sausages and what goes into a flavourful Kurobuta pork sausage. 

What makes Kurobuta Pork Different?

If you have been to a Kurobuta pork porterhouse, you’d know Kurobuta pork sausage is very expensive compared to regular pork sausages. The reason for this is as follows, 

  1. Visual Appearance and Texture – The rosy red colour of Kurobuta pork is very unconventional and something very hard to pass on. There are thin layers of fat within the meat, giving a very soft and moist feel when cooked properly. Also, the pH content of the meat is different, which results in high tenderness of the meat. 
  1. Stress-free Herding of Pigs – Berkshire pigs are given a stress-free and relaxing life that helps them grow to their full potential. They are not injected with any antibiotics or hormonal medicines, so they are naturally raised. 
  1. Selectively Chosen Hog – Like all japan cows can’t be used as Wagyu beef, every black pig from Berkshire can’t be used to make Kurobuta pork. Heritage matters a lot when it comes to high-end meat, and selective breeding is the best way to preserve good genes. All these extensive steps are responsible for the high quality of Kurobuta pork. 

How Are They Prepared?

Kurobuta pork sausages are made using all the parts of a slaughtered hog; since the Kurobuta pork has great marbleization, the minced meat doesn’t need separate strips of fat in them. Depending on the type of sausage made, spices are added to the minced meat along with the flavourful addition of salt and pepper. Frequently different herbs and fruit extracts can also be added for making specially flavoured sausages. 

The newly slaughtered Berkshire hog is minced, and the herbs and spices are then forced into the sausage covering, usually made from the artificial casing. Still, in some Kurobuta pork porterhouse, you can also find casings made from pig intestines. To preserve these sausages, they are usually smoked in large fireplaces where the burnt smoky flavour gets into the meat. The process is very similar to other forms of sausage making, but what makes all the difference is the Berkshire meat which can be only bought from genuine Kurobuta pork porterhouse. 


Kurobuta pork sausages are one of the best quality sausages available worldwide; they can be bought off of traditional porterhouses. However, if you are willing to make sausages at home, look for the best quality Berkshire pork and follow a few simple steps of encasing and smoking the sausage before they are ready to be cooked.